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PDX Streetverve 2011 Report

PRESENTATION: Drama and Historiography, Tools for Unlocking the Historical Imagination
[TAH Project Directors' Conference, Dec. 8-11, 2009, Washington DC]

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Here's what some of our teachers have to say about the program!

1860 Survey Map

The Drama and Geography components of our TAHPDX: Teaching American History Project provide teachers with innovative and exciting ways to explore history and ignite the historical imagination. Teachers learn how to use these tools to make history come alive for both themselves and their students. Click on the links below to hear some of our teachers commenting on the ways in which these tools have changed how they teach history and inspire their students. [You will need an MP3 player such as QuickTime or Windows MediaPlayer to listen to the audio clips]



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You'll need Google Earth or ArcExplorer to use some of the interactive mapping activities downloadable from this website:

GOOGLE EARTH: Google Earth is a free, downloadable geographic data viewer developed by Google (it is not the same as Google Maps). You can download the Google Earth projects from this website and put them in your "my space" area on the Google Earth interface. In Google Earth you can see the data layers from a world perspective as well as perform functions such as turning layers on and off and clicking on features to see the attribute information attached to that feature. Get Google Earth.

ARCEXPLORER: ArcExplorer is a free, lightweight GIS data viewer developed by ESRI. This software offers an easy way to view prepackaged ArcExplorer GIS projects or create your own mapping projects using local GIS datasets. You can also perform a variety of basic GIS functions including display, ID, query, data retrieval and printing. There are ArcExplorer downloads for both a Windows and Macintosh platform. Get ESRI ArcExplorer.


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