HISTORIC GIS DATA: Georectified Sanborn Maps

This page contains a list of the historic Sanborn Fire Insurance maps that have been rectified for use as raster backdrops in various Teaching American History GIS projects. A preview image is available that shows the spatial extent of the full dataset. Some datasets use color Sanborns; others are in black and white. Various areas in the Portland region are represented for various years.

Metadata: Photographs of selected color Sanborn Map datasets were purchased from the Oregon Historical Society. Black and White datasets were downloaded in pdf form from the Multnomah County Library's map collection. Images were converted to TIFFs, clipped and rectified using current streets, buildings and natural features.

All files are projected: NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Oregon_North_FIPS_3601.

NOTE: Instructions for converting the color ramp to grayscale in ArcView (black & white grids will load in color and must be converted for viewing) [download instructions here]


Download Data

1885 Series (color)

'1879c85' SW Portland (PSU area)

View Image (full extent)

1898 Series (color)

'1889c98' West Waterfront from Lovejoy to Meade (also Oldtown)

View Image (full extent)

1901 Series (B&W)

'1901 vol.2' East Portland/Waterfront from Burnside to Powell

You can download either one grid of the entire dataset or the individual TIF images. The grid file is smaller in size overall, but not as "crisp" in detail as the TIFs. The TIFs unzipped are approximately 150mb and the grid unzipped is about 29mb.

View Image (full extent)

Image Sample

1901_v2_grid.zip (15.9mb)

TIFF folders are organized by page numbers but may not be sequential.

1901_v2_120s.zip (781kb)
1901_v2_130s.zip (1.4mb)
1901_v2_140s.zip (4.4mb)
1901_v2_150s.zip (1.5mb)
1901_v2_170s.zip (1.7mb)
1901_v2_180s.zip (2.2mb)
1901_v2_190s.zip (215kb)

1908 Series (B&W) '1908 vol.1' Northwest Portland (from Nicolai to Burnside and Aspen to Waterfront)

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1908_vol1.zip (39.8mb)
1924 Series (B&W)

'1924 vol.7' Eastside Waterfront from Burnside to Franklin

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1925-26 Series (color)

'1908c25' Southwest Portland from Waterfront to Broadway and Ash to Washington

'1926' Northwest Portland from Waterfront to 17th and Hoyt to Burnside (including Oldtown)

'1908c26' Southwest Portland from Waterfront to Broadway and Morrison to Ross Island Bridge

View Image (full extent)

1908c25_1a.zip (9.3mb)
1908c25_1b.zip (7.2mb)
1908c25_2a.zip (8.2mb)
1908c25_2b.zip (7.8mb)

1926_d.zip (16.6mb)
1926_e.zip (11.8mb)
1926_f.zip (23.2mb)
1926_g.zip (10.7mb)
1926_h.zip (10.9mb)
1926_l.zip (27.7mb)
1926_m.zip (12.9mb)

1908c26_1a.zip (6.2mb)
1908c26_2a.zip (8.1mb)
1908c26_2b.zip (9.6mb)
1908c26_3a.zip (8.4mb)
1908c26_3b.zip (10.3mb)
1908c26_4a.zip (4.4mb)
1908c26_4b.zip (9.8mb)
1908c26_4c.zip (10.3mb)
1908c26_5a.zip (8.4mb)
1908c26_5b.zip (10.5mb)
1908c26_5c.zip (9.4mb)
1908c26_6a.zip (9.0mb)
1908c26_6b.zip (10.3mb)
1908c26_6c.zip (8.9mb)
1908c26_7a.zip (8.0mb)
1908c26_7b.zip (10.2mb)
1908c26_7c.zip (10.0mb)
1908c26_8a.zip (10.0mb)

1932 Series (color) '1908c32' Westside Oldtown from Broadway to Naito and Hoyt to Ankeny
View Image (full extent)
1908c32.zip (23.2mb)
1950 Series (B&W)

'1950_vol7' Division Street from 16th to 42nd

'1950_Eliot' Eliot Neighborhood/Lloyd Center area from Fremont to Pacific

View Image (Division Street Extent)

View Image (Eliot Neighborhood Extent)

Vol7_770r (2.6mb)
Vol7_771r (2.3mb)
Vol7_772r (2.0mb)
Vol7_773r (2.6mb)
Vol7_774r (2.4mb)
Vol7_775r (2.7mb)
Vol7_776r (2.6mb)
Vol7_781r (2.0mb)
Vol7_783r (2.1mb)
Vol7_784r (2.1mb)
Vol7_785r (1.9mb)
Vol7_786r (2.1mb)
Vol7_787r (2.4mb)
Vol7_788r (2.4mb)
Vol9_967r (2.2mb)

1950_Eliot (34.5mb)

1955 Series (color) '1909c55' SW Portland (I405 corridor)
View Image (full extent)
1965 Series (color) '1909c65' SW Portland (I405 corridor)
View Image (full extent)

Hawthorne Street (B&W)


Selected black and white tiles from 1909, 1924 & 1950; extends north and south on Hawthorne from 32nd to 60th.

Note: the 1924 and 1950 datasets do not cover the full extent of the 1909 dataset.

View Image (1909 full extent)

You can download either a grid of the entire dataset or the individual TIF image files.


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