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Jason T. Newsom, Ph.D

Institute on Aging
School of Community Health
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751




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SEM Reference Page
A mini-database with journal and chapter references on structural equation modeling

SEM Books Page
Extensive list of books on structural equation modeling

SPSS macros for testing moderators with regression analysis

Stats Notes
Over 25 "Web Lectures", notes, and handouts on introductory graduate-level statistics. Topics range from sampling distributions to logistic regression

Statistics Links
A few links to some nice statistics-related websites

Data Analysis I
Every Spring term

Data Analysis II
Every Fall term

Structural Equation Modeling
Next: 2015 Winter term

Multilevel Regression
Next: 2016 Winter term

Example Data Sets
Data sets used in my data analysis courses

2015 Summer Quantitative Method Series at Portland State
Two-day courses on statistics. Summer 2015, June 13-June 22: Details coming soon.

Curriculum Vitae
A semi-up-to-date accounting of my academic activities

Selected manuscripts available through download and other published work available upon request

GSA Quantitative Informal Interest Group
The Gerontological Society of America proposed interest group on measurement, statistics, and research design. Mission statement, how to join, previous presentations available for download.

Longitudinal Data Analysis Edited by Jason T. Newsom, Richard N. Jones, & Scott M. Hofer

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Portland State University's Institute on Aging

Portland State University 's School of Community Health

Anomalous Quintet, solo guitar



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